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Would you like to learn about my project and the vision behind it now?

I'll be happy to give you more information about NFTs upon request. There are some interesting online courses, but also beginner books.

NFT in general

First a little definition. NFTS are unique digital elements (comparable to prints), which are limited and authorized by the author/artist.

Contractually, everything is regulated in the Smart Contract.


Non-Fungible Token = Non-exchangeable token. A digital asset such as photos, videos, audio or others that are unique and therefore non-exchangeable. It is a cryptographic token created with the same programming as a cryptocurrency, e.g. Bitcoin or Ether.

Non-Fungible vs Fungible

Fungible is an asset whose units are interchangeable - e.g. cryptocurrencies. Non-Fungible are assets that are unique and not interchangeable with another - e.g. NFT's such as images, videos

Smart Contract

A self-executing digital contract stored on the blockchain. Eliminates the black market in the future. Smart Contracts will replace many contracts in the future e.g. for tickets, sales of cars, houses etc.


System for recording data/information in a distributed ledger. Data is written in blocks and stored and verified in a decentralized manner. This system is extremely secure as it cannot be hacked. Today, the tarnishes are already very efficient and consume far less final energy than those of bitcons.


First cryptocurrency on the market and so far the largest and most widely used. Based on the Bitcoin blockchain, which is the basis for most alternative cryptocurrencies.


A digital or virtual currency. Transactions are managed, verified, and recorded in a decentralized system (blockchain). No central authority is needed, while cryptography is used to eliminate the problem of double spending. Bitcoin is one of many cryptocurrencies. (See also "Coin")


Coin is a digital/virtual currency - a cryptocurrency that is secured by cryptography, making it nearly impossible to counterfeit and double spend. "Coin" is an alternative name for a token, such as Bitcoin.
It's a different language with new terms describing old things in a new world.

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My project: Kunow Art NFT

After watching NFTs for quite some time now, I jumped into the fray.

The result is the Girls Future Club.

Girls Future Club

For years I have wanted to create a foundation to benefit the education of girls and young women worldwide.

All over the world, women and girls suffer from violence and oppression. In addition, they often have less education and influence than men. They are legally worse off and less likely to have access to resources such as land or credit, while at the same time doing more unpaid care and domestic work. As a result, more women than men live in poverty.

Full equality of rights and opportunities for men and women in all areas of life is a human right and at the same time a key to sustainable development and peace.

I want to use this to develop a project to empower women and girls and enable them to act independently.

Yes, I could have joined an organization (like PLAN, with which I am already working now), but - those who know me know - independence is still my highest value! ?

Your opportunities

There will be several opportunities in Girls Future Club where you can get involved.

- You will have a discount on your next purchases.

- You will be member of a group of art lovers with special events and much more.

The Work Pioneer Edition is the first drop of the Girls Future Club collection.

- 10% discount on the purchase of an artwork

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